​​​                 Megan McMorris

My first love is magazine journalism. I got a bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, and then moved to New York City where I worked at national women's magazines, most recently as the fitness editor at Fitness. In 2000, I moved to my dreamtown of Portland, Oregon and wrote for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Self, Shape, Runner's World, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Real Simple, and many others. 

In order to chase a story, I've jumped from a boat into the ocean 16 miles off the coast of Key West; white-knuckled it on the back of a pickup on a cliffside Moroccan road; and hiked a leech-infested rainforest in Australia. But some of my favorite stories have involved the simple things that drew me to journalism in the first place: diving into a topic and learning everything I can about it, interviewing interesting subject matter experts, and figuring out the best angle for the particular audience. 

The past eight years have been a departure from my journalism roots, in order to expand my horizons and skill set. In 2010, I officially took a leave from magazines and decided to re-invent myself as copywriter. I joined a PR agency where I saw the intricacies of public relations from the "other side of the fence," and I've worked as an in-house copywriter at WebMD.  I've written case studies, press releases, blog posts, bios, speeches, white papers, you name it. 

Now,  armed with my vast copywriting experience, I'm ready to come back full circle: employing journalistic techniques to a wide variety of mediums, including: 

*consumer articles: I specialize in consumer-facing articles, and thoroughly enjoy geeking out on a variety of subject matters. I specialize in the health and wellness field, but have written about anything from emerging markets on Wall Street to multicore computer systems. As long as it's for the laymen audience, I can expertly take any subject matter and put it into consumer speak--whether it's ghost-writing for an expert, writing your website copy, or writing a bylined story for an online or print audience. 

*internal newsletters: I've worked on internal magazines and newsletters for Nike, WebMD, and the Multnomah Athletic Club. I adore this type of work because it's like producing a mini-magazine! 

*editing: In addition to my eight years of national magazine experience, I've served as the editor of Competitor NW and am the editor of three collections of essays: PS What I Didn't Say (Seal Press, 2009), Cat Women (Seal Press, 2007), and Woman's Best Friend (Seal Press, 2006). I enjoy collaborating with and encouraging fellow writers to develop their voice.